New Warerooms of S. F. Hayward & Co.

Issue 9 and Volume 44.

New Warerooms of S. F. Hayward & Co. The accompanying illustrations show the new warerooms of S. F. Hayward & Co., whose location has recently been changed to 39 Park place, Manhattan, New York. This firm was established in 1868, and, while it does not manufacture fire department supplies, is one of the largest and the oldest dealers in such supplies to be found anywhere. For many years it was located at 20 Warren street; but on May 1, 1908, its warerooms were removed to the Park place headquarters, where the company enjoys even better facilities than before for handling the large, and steadily increasing business intrusted to it in the most convenient and expeditious way. A feature of the warerooms at 39 Park place is the large line of goods carried in stock and on exhibition. It is possible to find almost anything and everything in the way of…

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