Underground Water System at Minneapolis.

Issue 11 and Volume 44.

Underground Water System at Minneapolis. It has been suggested that Minneapolis should have recourse to a series of artesian wells for its water supply, and it is claimed that such wells could easily furnish 30,000.000 gal. daily, the cost of drilling the system to be approximately $700,000. State Geologist Winchell, after due investigation. gives it as his opinion that the city lies over a series of superimposed basins made up of different strata of limestone and sandstone. The first saucer-shaped basin, formed by the Trenton limestone, lies at a depth of 40 to 60 ft. Next is a bed of shale 1 to 5 ft. in thickness; below that is another stratum of St, Peter sandstone, averaging 130 ft. in thickness. The drift and Trenton limestone, on which the city rests, fill the basin of the St. Peter sandstone. This St. peter sandstone comes to the surface all round the…

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