Pumping Machinery Items.

Issue 11 and Volume 44.

Pumping Machinery Items. Gary, Ind., has let a contract for a new pumping station on the lake. Winnipeg, Man., has completed its high-pressure system, and will now better its ordinary water pressure by installing pumping engines, by means of which that pressure will be maintained at 80 lb. At present it ranges from between 30 to 40 lb. Oceanside, Cal., has completed a $60,000 addition to its waterworks system. While the average daily consumption of water is probably not over 500,000 gal., the city has reservoirs holding 400,000 gal. and two independent pumping plants with a combined capacity of over 2,000,000 gal. per day. The contract capacity of the new plant alone is 60,000 gal. per hour or 1,500,000 gal. every 24 hours. in an informal test recently, the new pumping plant showed 62,000 gallons per hour, or 2,000 gallons more than the amount named in the contract figures. At…

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