New Waterworks and Filtration System for Lynn.

Issue 11 and Volume 44.

New Waterworks and Filtration System for Lynn. The water board of Lynn, Mass., has in readiness plans for a filtration system and for increasing the water supply of Lynn, Mass. From the Pine Hill reservoir and standpipe the water will flow by gravity to the whole city. The elevation of the reservoir, 187 ft., and the standpipe, 269 ft., will insure sufficient pressure. The water board will drain the swamps on the watershed of llawkes, Walden, Brice and Breeds ponds’ storage-basins, so as to prevent the water being affected by vegetable matter and color, and will install pumps to force the water through the chain of these storage—basins to the filters. One pump is to be placed at Montrose to lift the water about 6 ft. out of the Saugus river and discharge it into the present canal, through which it will flow to llawkes pond. At present the Saugus…

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