The Paradox Holder.

Issue 12 and Volume 44.

The Paradox Holder. A holder for controling high-pressure streams was shown at the Columbus convention, which commanded much attention: It has been in use in Philadelphia for the past three years, in connection with the high-pressure system of that city. The “Paradox,” as it is called, has proved its worth in being able to control streams which heretofore had to be held by eight or ten men, and where it was often found necessary to fasten a rope or chain to the nozzle for safety’s sake. Now, when the holder is in position, one man can direct the stream from the nozzle in any direction, with pressure ranging from 50 to 300 lb. It has also been used on tin roofs holding a 2^4in. nozzle coupled to a line of 3jA-in. hose, with 225 lb. water pressure, and one man directing the nozzle with perfect ease. In all the tests…

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