Swinehart Tires.

Issue 12 and Volume 44.

Swinehart Tires. Swinehart cushion and solid tires are recommended for light or heavy service, because they are constructed upon lines that make them more yielding under a load than the ordinary solid tires. The Swinehart Clincher-Tire and Rubber company, of Akron, Ohio, has long since disproved the theory that a solid or cushion tire would rack and loosen the mechanism of a car, by building a tire that would come so close to the pneumatic in riding qualities that a difference in ridng is apparent only on very rough roads, and then it is so slight as to be scarcely noticeable. This positively could not injure a car in any way as has been proved by the indorsements of thousands who use them. The marked resili ency of this tire over forms of solid tires is due to the concave or grooved sides and corrugated or beaded tread, coupled with…

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