Issue 13 and Volume 44.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING While many err grievously in valuing their horses and cattle at a much higher rate than human beings and providing for them costly and luxurious accommodations, while any old shack of a firetrap is considered good enough for men, women and children, there are, doubtless, others who do not sufficiently safeguard the dumb animals against death by fire. All those who have had any experience in the rescue-work of these creatures—especially horses—know how difficult it is to get them out of a burning stable, the result being that, unless they are freed before the fire has made any great progress, the chances are all in favor of their being burned to death. This fate is all the more certain to overtake them, if, as is so often the case in congested cities, the stables are so arranged that the horses are stabled below the ground floor…

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