Issue 13 and Volume 44.

Meterage. The investigation of water meters at Cleveland, Ohio, will probably result in their installation by the city of Pittsburg. Councilman Helmick, at Fairmont, W. Va., recommends an increase in the water rate for elevators about the city and the installation of meters. To check the extravagant waste of water supply at Scranton, Pa., the Scranton Gas and Water company will adopt the meter system for domestic consumers. A dispatch from Milwaukee, Wis., says that Mayor David S. Rose has submitted to the board of public works a revised copy of the rules governing the city water department, lowering the cost of water from 4‘J4 to a 4-cent flat rate, and providing that after May x, 1909, the entire city shall be on meter consumption. At Pittsburg, Pa., the only fear about setting meters seems to be lest they should become clogged with mud. A committee from that city, which…

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