The Late Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, K. C. B.

Issue 13 and Volume 44.

The Late Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, K. C. B. On August 25, S_____r Eyre Massey Shaw, K. C. B., formerly chief officer and practically the founder of the Metropolitan fire brigade, of London, died at Folkestone, Kent, when he was staying in hopes of recovering his health, which had become completely shattered, owing to the amputation of one of his legs affected by dis ease. A few years before he had suffered in a similar way, amputation having been necessary in that case also. Sir E. M. Shaw was born of a wellknown county family in Cork, Ireland, and, after having completed a university course as a fellow-commoner at Trinity College, Dublin, he emigrated to Australia, where he stayed for two or three years, returning to Trinity College in 1854, where he began to study for Holy Orders in the Church of Ireland. The Crimean war, however, held out greater…

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