Greater New York Fire News.

Issue 13 and Volume 44.

Greater New York Fire News. Incendiarism is simply rampant in Manhattan borough. Early the other morning there was an outbreak of small fires, all but one in cellars among wastepaper, and Deputy Chief Dougherty, of the fire department. is of the opinion that there is a maniac, jumping from place to place, setting these fires, for some reason known only to his distorted mind. The police have adopted this theory. It is a convenient one for them, considering that they cannot light upon the firebug. The worst fire was at 1058 Third avenue, where five men were overcome, one having to be taken to hospital. The blaze was in the cellar of a candy and soda water store on the first floor, where there were carbonic tanks; and some ammonia was also stored there. W hen the firemen reached the house they found that the cellar was blazing fiercely in…

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