Destructive Lumberyard Fire.

Issue 14 and Volume 44.

Destructive Lumberyard Fire. The apostolic reminder as to the danger likely to arise from the kindling of a small fire is too often forgotten. At Biddeford and Saco, Me., in particular it has hitherto not been looked upon as even worth notice. In future its significance may be taken into serious consideration. The trouble began at Saco. In the Crossman lumberyard a small fire in a pile of shavings was fanned into greater flame by a brisk wind until it reached extensive proportions, destroying 1,000,000 ft. of lumber in these yards and the box shook factory of the concern, before it reached some tenement houses. The flames were swept by the wind across the Saco river, and burned the lumberyards of the Diamond Match company. On the Biddeford side of the river several tenements fell a prey to the fire, and more than forty families were rendered homeless; but, so…

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