Issue 14 and Volume 44.

BIG IRRIGATION DAM AT WESTERN INDIA The Marie-Kanave dam in Southern India is built for irrigation purposes at the gorge upon the Vedarati river in Mysore State, at a point where the mountain spurs converge and leave only a narrow passage for the course of the river. This dam forms one of the largest artificial sheets of water in the world, having an area of 34 sq. miles. Its’maximum capacity is 31,000,000,000 cu. ft., the depth on the upstream face of the structure being 130 ft. Its catchment-area, containing many tanks, is 2,075 sq. miles. The barrage is of rubble masonry. An illustration (like the others, inserted by courtesy of the Scientific American) shows the structure to great advantage. At roadway-level it is 1,250 ft. long and 142 ft. above the bed of the river, the foundations being carried down to a further depth of 25 ft. The masonry at…

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