Dynamiting a Canal Bank.

Issue 14 and Volume 44.

Dynamiting a Canal Bank. On September 2, by the use of dynamite, a breach too ft. long, was made in the bank of the Illinois and Michigan canal at Channahon, 12 miles southwest of Joliet, Ill. The district was flooded and the entire section of the canal from Joliet to Channahon was emptied of water. Boats were stranded, fish by thousands covered the bottom of the canal; navigation was tied up; and factories using power furnished by the canal were closed. The dynamiting is the result of a fight between the canal commissioners and the State, on one side, and the villages of Channa hon and Troy on the other. The State refused to build or repair broken-down bridges. So far back as some 1,000 years ago, the Latin poet, probably using an older Greek source, pointed out that “whenever the rulers of the State get mad, the People pay…

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