Destructive Garage Fire.

Issue 14 and Volume 44.

Destructive Garage Fire. Boston was recently visited with a bad Sunday morning fire when the Huntington avenue garage was burned. It was the worst of its class that up to that time had occurred in that city. The fire started in the basement about 1:30 a. m., and burned through the roof. Strangely enough, it hardly damaged the stock on the second floor. The fire otherwise displayed no peculiar features, except that, because of the owners’ compliance with local regulations and the good work of the department, a 600-gal. tank of gasoline on the premises did not explode. I here were a number of motors of all grades in the building, several of which were totally destroyed or badly damaged. The tire is of particular interest to garage proprietors because of the automobile feature, as adverted to by the owner of a large car. “In the course of a recent…

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