Increasing the Efficiency of Water Mains.

Issue 14 and Volume 44.

Increasing the Efficiency of Water Mains. One of the most important improvements made of late in waterworks practice is the new method of cleaning water mains, which increases their capacity to a remarkable extent. Take, for instance, a 4-in. line that was subjected to the cleaning process in Pittsburg, Pa., which yielded a result of 205 per cent, efficiency. This favorable result was still further increased by cleaning 2,000 ft. of an 8-in. main at Camden, N. J., which showed an increase of 375 per cent. This work, besides many other equally satisfactory operations in other cities of the United States, has been accomplished by the National Water Main Cleaning company, of New York. The illustrations give a good idea of the difference in pressure before and after a main had been cleaned. In that which shows the double stream the volume of water was increased from 25 to 90…

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