Issue 15 and Volume 44.

LATEST WATERWORKS ITEMS. Increased fire protection for the Montville plant of the Palmer Bros, company, quilt manufacturers, near Norwich, Conn., has been afforded by the installation of a 75,000-gal. reservoir on a hill southwest of the plant. Water for the automatic sprinklers was formerly supplied from a large tank on an iron frame raised over the Oxoboxo brook, that supplies a part of the mill power. The largest crib ever sunk by Chicago for use as a water supply intake has been placed in position, 3 miles from shore off Seventy-third street. It will serve as the intake for the new southwest water-tunnel, which is to supply the territory lying between Sixty-third street, vVestern avenue, lake Michigan and the Calumet river. The structure is 110 ft. in diameter and has cost the city $350,000. The Ohio State hoard of health now has control of all water supply and sewerage systems…

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