Sprinklered Losses in Chicago.

Issue 19 and Volume 44.

Sprinklered Losses in Chicago. During the present month Chicago has suffered three heavy losses from fires in sprinklered buildings. Within the week ending October 17 there were burned the sprinklered Jenkins lumber plant at Blaine, Wash., with a total loss to insurance of $210,000; a sprinklered mill, belonging to the Rock Island Lumber company at Rock Island being burned on October 16, also with a total loss, besides the heavy damage to the sprinklered “A” mill of the Northwestern Consolidated Mining company at Minneapolis on the same day. Both the lumber losses were caused by serious fires which started in the lumber, outside the mill, and attained such headway that the sprinklers were unable to hold the fire. The Jenkins plant at Blaine had been shut down for a year, but sprinklers and watchmen were maintained, and the last report showed them to be in good condition. At Rock Island…

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