Issue 21 and Volume 44.

SAN FRANCISCO WATERWORKS PROBLEM There is every probability of the waterworks of San Francisco which are at present in the hands of the Spring Valley Waterworks company being municipalised, and, with the suburbs of Oakland, Berkely and Alameda, having to supply a population of 1,000,000, the source of the increased water supply to be the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with water from the Tuolumne river for irrigation only impounded in the Tuolumne reservoirs—the lake Kleanor and the Hetch Hetchy valley. At present the city has three sources of water supply (1) the Spring Valley Water company (practically the one source); (2) the service of the Visitacion Valley Water company and (3) the John Center works. Salt water is also drawn from the bay and the ocean, and the city is about to install a high-pressure lire protection system, which will draw water from wells and the bay. The Presidio also draws…

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