Issue 21 and Volume 44.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING In a very recent number of McClure’s Magazine appears an article on the annual fire-loss in the United States that should awaken both municipalities and fire underwriters to a sense of their responsibilties in the way, not so much of fighting fires as of preventing them—not least, by paying the strictest attention to the laws of construction. On this subject too much stress cannot be laid, and neither the greed or stinginess of property owners nor the hope (too often realised) of graft on the part of the builders, contractors, or inspectors should be suffered to militate against the safety of the public. And, while on this subject, it may not be out of place to note a very significant hint, on the part of the writer of the article referred to, that, although the underwriters are constantly complaining (sometimes not without reason) of the little…

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