Issue 21 and Volume 44.

METERAGE. Talladega, Ala., has recently set meters on every service. The board of water commissioners at Orange, Mass., will insist upon all consumers using meters after January 1. Superintendent Mosby, of the Cincinnati, Ohio, waterworks, proposes to install a meter in every school in the city and double the water rates for outside consumers to make up the deficit in the waterworks department. At Camden, N. J., the total pumpage from Morris Station for the year was 4,670,902,000 gal.—a decrease of 213,798,893 gal. from the preceding year. This saving of water is attributed to the installation of meters. Several thousand Empire water meters, manufactured by the National Meter company, are being installed at Monterey, Mexico. Practically 1,000 of these meters have already been placed and are giving satisfaction, and the balance will be installed at once. As a result of the water-metering system now being installed in Melrose, Mass., the…

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