Conflagration at Salisbury Beach.

Issue 21 and Volume 44.

Conflagration at Salisbury Beach. Like too many of the New England seashore sumer resorts, Salisbury Beach, in addition to being a wooden village, with the cottages built closely one on each other, has no fire protection. Therefore, when an early morning fire broke out within its limits, no effective steps could be taken to prevent the spread of the flames, which may have been of incendiary origin. The fire started in the New Era cottage, which, like all the other buildings near, was unoccupied. These cottages were all of frame, dry as tinder, because of the long drought, and separated from each other by a very narrow margin. The only means of extinguishing the flames was by forming a brigade composed of the half-dozen local life-savers and volunteers among the few residents. Assistance arrived from Amesbury, Salisbury and Newburyport; but the best that could be done, after vainly fighting the…

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