Horses For Fire Department Uses.

Issue 21 and Volume 44.

Horses For Fire Department Uses. At the recent convention of the Pennsylvania State Firemen’s association, a paper on “Keeping fire-horses for fire purposes only,” was read by Al. H. Marks, of Allentown. In that city the ten fire companies own their own horses without any exception, while the city owns the apparatus and firehouses. The companies maintain the horses; the city, the apparatus and the houses. Each piece of apparatus has a driver and one other fireman, paid by the city and expected to be on duty continually. The expense of feeding and maintaining the horses and keeping their harness, etc., in repair, is a heavy tax on the companies, who canvass the property owners for subscriptions towards that object, and in return, sprinkle the streets in front of their houses in summer and in dusty weather; do their movings and their haulings in any part of Allentown—thereby using the…

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