Issue 21 and Volume 44.

REPORT ON BRIDGEPORT WATER SUPPLY Fire underwriters’ committee on the prevention of fire, makes the following supplemental report as to the water supply of Bridgeport, Conn.: “Works owned and operated by the Bridgeport Hydraulic company; hydrants owned and maintained by the city. Organisation and management good. Ample storage is provided in three gravity supply systems, as well as in two other systems from which a pumped supply may be obtained in an emergency. Distribution practically in one service. Consumption very high. Pressures low to fair. Only one main artery enters the congested-value district, and, except for two secondary feeders which pass through the district, large mains are especially lacking. In some other sections main arteries and secondary feeders are lacking, especially in some well built-up residential sections. A large proportion of minor distributors are small, and gridironing is rather poor in some localities; many mains are not crossconnected. Gate-valve spacing…

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