Large Industrial Orders For Power Machinery.

Issue 22 and Volume 44.

Large Industrial Orders For Power Machinery. As continued evidence of awakening industrial activity in various parts of the country, mention of some of the orders taken by AllisChalmers company, since the long list recently reported, is of interest at this time. In the State of Wisconsin, where authorities estimate there are at least 2,000,000-H. P. in unused waterpowers, large developments have recently been undertaken, and among the important hydraulic turbine plants of this section contracted for is that of the Northern Hydro-Electric company on the Peshtigo river. The initial installation will consist of five horizontal twin-turbines, having each a capacity of 1,500-H.P., or an aggregate of 7,500-II.P., each direct-connected to a 1,000 K.W . alternating-current generator, with exciter-units of 400-KAV. combined capacity, all the machinery being of Allis-Chalmers company’s build. The current generated on the Peshtigo river will be transmitted to Green Bay and neighboring towns, to be used for…

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