Bids For Fire Hose.

Issue 22 and Volume 44.

Bids For Fire Hose. HOSE.—The following bids were opened on Nov. 4 by the commissioners of the District of Columbia for furnishing 15,000 ft fire hose: Gutta Percha and Rubber Manufacturing company. New York city. Maltese Cross brand. $1.10 per ft.: Baker fire hose, $1 per ft.: Fidelity brand, 00 cents per ft. Eureka Fire Hose Manufacturing company. New York city. Paragon brand. $1 per ft.; Monitor brand. 80 cents per ft. The Diamond Rubber Co.. New York city. Diamond brand. $t.o6 per ft. I). F. Goodrich Co.. Akron, Ohio, rubber fire hose, $1 per ft.; cotton hose, rubber lined. 67 cents per ft. Fabric Fire Hose company. New York city. Keystone brand. $t per ft.: Deluge brand, 80 cents per ft.

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