Dump Fires at Columbus.

Issue 24 and Volume 44.

Dump Fires at Columbus. Chief Lauer, of the Columbus, Ohio, fire department has decided to keep water flowing on the burning dump in the angle formed by the Hocking Valley and the Pennsylvania railway tracks. This fire has been in progress for several months, and, as likely as not, may burn for six months more. A hydrant has been turned loose into the dump and will be allowed to run unceasingly day and night, until the fire is suppressed. Originally there was a deep hollow along the line of the Hocking Valley, and a level was reached by making cribs of old ties, nearly 30 ft. high. This crib was filled up largely with cinders. It is these old tics which now are burning away down below the surface, and, as fast as the water is turned in, it is absorbed by the cinders, as if by a big sponge.…

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