Death of George A. Burnham.

Issue 24 and Volume 44.

Death of George A. Burnham. An Algonac, Mich., dispatch of November 15 is to the effect that George A. Burnham, of Detroit, general factory manager for Morgan & Wright, of that city, was instantly killed at noontide, while duck hunting on Baltimore bay, near Pearl Beach. Standing in a skiff, after firing one barrel at a duck, Mr. Burnham held the gun by the muzzle as he shoved it backwards. Instead of laying the shotgun in the bottom of the boat, as he intended, he thrust it over the side. The trigger caught and the second barrel was exploded. The entire charge lodged in the back of his head, inflicting a fatal wound. Mr. Burnham, who was born in Portland, Me., on October 1, 1874, was raised and educated in Boston, and in 1893 went to Chicago, where he obtained employment in the bicycle tire department of the Morgan &…

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