Fire Protection in Altoona Railway Yards.

Issue 24 and Volume 44.

Fire Protection in Altoona Railway Yards. An organisation has just been inaugurated in the Altoona, Pa., railway yards for fighting fires. The yard engines, equiped with fire apparatus, are to be used for this purpose. Thirty-three engines have been so equiped, and the yard has been divided into five districts, in which whistles are installed for sounding alarms. Certain engines have been assigned to each district. It will he the duty of every employe who discovers fire in one of their districts to make an immediate report to the head of that district, in order to have the alarm sounded, after which the fire chief will be notified, and all engines of the district in which the fire occurs will at once proceed to the scene of the blaze. On the smaller crews the conductors and brakemen, in conjunction with thq engineers and firemen, will make the hose-connections and handle…

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