The Brooklyn Sewer Explosion.

Issue 24 and Volume 44.

The Brooklyn Sewer Explosion. The actual cause of the disastrous explosion, which took place on November 20 in the excavation for the 13-ft. Gold street sewer, Brooklyn, New York, has not yet been discovered—probably it never will be known. All that can be definitely stated is that such an explosion took place; that all the false work, shoring and sheeting were destroyed; that the shoring shared the same fate; that the debris filled up the trench and buried possibly twenty persons under it; that the 16-in. gas main and the big water main were ruptured; that fire and flood ensued, the former involving the sacrifice of more than one human life. As to the cause of the cave-in of the materials, plant and street: That was evidently the result of the explosion, since there is expert testimony to the effect that the shoring and sheeting were sufficiently strong to support…

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