Issue 24 and Volume 44.

THE SUPPLY FROM LAKE ALTOONA New Storage Basin for the Mountain City. Lake Altoona, the new storage-basin for the city of Altoona, Pa., is located on Burgoons run, about 4 miles west of the city, on the main line of the Pennsylvania railway. It is immediately below the two reservoirs in the famous Horse Shoe Curve at Kittanning point, which now furnish the city’s water supply. The watetshed supplying the present reservoirs is about 9.6 sq. miles, and the total watershed above the new reservoir is 13.6 sq. miles—being an increase of watershed of 4 sq. miles. These mountain streams are often muddy, and occasionally in extreme floods, wash down great quantities of debris. It was estimated that one storm alone, in 1894, washed out about 40,000 cu. yds. of this debris into the upper reservoir at Kittanning point. To keep this muddy water and debris from polluting the water…

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