Fire Report of Norwich.

Issue 26 and Volume 44.

Fire Report of Norwich. During 1908 all the large fires at Norwich, Conn., were in industrial establishments, and there were more of them than had ever been before in one year. Out of these fires there were two that were conspiciously large, necessitating a general alarm for each. These were in the William H. Page Boiler company’s works and in the Norwich Belt Manufacturing building. The occurrence of fires of such a magnitude proved the wisdom of having engines to increase the water-pressure. A new single-tank combination chemical engine and hose wagon was placed in service during the year—making the second now in use in the department. Chief Howard L. Stanton urges the purchase of modern apparatus and horses for the stations in the outlying dis- -cuppic IUC uusincss section of (he city by answering alarms from central district stations—the distance being too great for horses and heavy apparatus to…

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