Issue 26 and Volume 44.

THE CATSKILL WATERSHED When the whole of the Catskill water supply for New York city has been developed, the water will be taken from four different sources—the Esopus creek, with a watershed of 255 sq. m., whose water will be impounded by the Ashokan dam. with a maximum height of 220 ft. and a length of 5,650 ft., now being built at Olive bridge in Ulster county. The water area of the reservior thus created will be 2)4 miles wide; its capacity, 170,000,000,000 gal., furnishes a daily supply of 250,000.000. The Rondout, the Schoharie and the Catskill rivers will ultimately be drawn upon. The Esopus creek water is now being dealt with. The Ashokan dam (sections of which are illustrated herewith), as has before been told in these columns, will be part masonry and part earth. The width of its base at the centre will be nearly 200 ft. The…

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