The National Waste.

Issue 26 and Volume 44.

The National Waste. At one meeting of the National Conservation Commission at Washington the other day, the governors of more than thirty States were present. The object of the commission is to map out a plan for safeguarding the natural resources of the nation. The annual mineral waste alone is over $300,000,000. Enough natural gas to light all cities of the United States of over 1,000 population is escaping into the atmosphere, and approximately $1,000,000 a day is being wasted in coal-mining and other mineral production. The greatest source of waste of structural materials and of money values, according to the report, is due to fires, which in 1907 resulted in a total loss of $456,485,900, or 50 per cent, of the value of new buildings constructed in that year. Four-fifths of the loss, or $365,000,000. is set down as prevent able waste, compared with the present European standard of…

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