Water Department Report of Meriden.

Issue 26 and Volume 44.

Water Department Report of Meriden. The last year has been a profitable one for Meriden, Conn., so far as regards its water department, which has turned in a clear profit of $12,000. More construction in the way of laying mains and making extensions has been done than in several years. The cost was $9,405. It cost $450 to renovate the auxiliary pumping station at Baldwin’s pond, and that expenditure included 34 tons of coal. It has cost $12.10 to pump 1,000,01X1 gals, of water at the Kenmcrc station as against $12.75 last year. For the maintenance of Kenmerc $8,950 was expended. Eighty-one meters were installed and more will be placed. New reservoir land was purchased at a cost of $8,776. 1 lie South Meriden main was run 3,950 it. and will be extended in the spring to the Meriden Cutlery factory in South Meriden at an expense of $15,000, $6,000…

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