School Fire Precautions.

Issue 27 and Volume 44.

School Fire Precautions. Justice Aspinall, in the Supreme court in Brooklyn, New York, has granted an injunction preventing the use of part of the building 34 and 36 Flatbush avenue, as a business college. The injunction was obtained by the corporation counsel, on the ground that this use of the premises was in violation of sections 105 and 106 of the building code, which provide that any structure over 36 1/2 ft. in height, used wholly or in part for school purposes, must be of fireproof construction. This particular case, before coming before Justice Aspinall. had been heard bv a referee, who had decided that the building code provision was meant to apply to schools in which the pupils are children. Justice Aspinall declined to indorse this view, and held that the age of the pupils was not material. If the city authorities decide to take advantage of this opinion…

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