Issue 27 and Volume 44.

FILTRATION Wilmington, Del., has awarded a contract to Coleman Brothers, of Boston, Mass., the lowest bidders, for constructing a final filtration plant, at $257,500. North Scranton, Pa., will have filtered water by October 1, 1909. The New York Jewell Continental Filtration company will supply the plant at a cost of $60,000, besides several thousand dollars that the Scranton Gas and Water company will spend on work which it will do itself. The maximum capacity of the filter will be 6,000,000 gal. daily. The filter plant will be built at the upper reservoir in Chinchilla. The Iowa City, la., Water company is having its water supply tested by expert analysts, and is having test drills made for the purpose. If the analysis shows organic content, then the company will probably install a mechanical filter. The water board of Lynn, Mass., has reported the acceptance by the State board of health of…

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