Improvements at Williamsport.

Issue 27 and Volume 44.

Improvements at Williamsport. Chief Stryker, of the Williamsport fire department, was formerly chief of police of that city. Since his appointment as fire chief, he has made a number of important improvements in the service. There is no electric fire-alarm in the city, telephones being used only by regular subscribers to notify fire stations of the location of fires. Chief Stryker has tried to make this service as practical as possible by placing special instructions beside each telephone. On the old hook and ladder truck fire tools were formerly carried on the side platforms, leaving so little standing-room for the men that it was dangerous to ride on them. The chief had the truck remodeled, so that all equipment could be stored in a safe place, leaving the platforms free for use by the men, which is considered a great improvement. It will not be long before the Williamsport department…

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