To Supply Western Pennsylvania Connties.

Issue 27 and Volume 44.

To Supply Western Pennsylvania Connties. The counties of Crawford, Venango and Butler, Pa., have suffered so much during this season of protracted drought that the farmers have been reduced to the greatest straits to get water. Many of them have always depended upon cisterns, which collected the rainfall from the roofs of their houses and barns. This fall these and the springs and wells went dry for months, and now the farmers of the counties mentioned are drilling for new water veins. They claim that there is an underground river from 15 to 20 miles wide, flowing on a 45° line from Buxton, near Titusville, to Callery Junction, in Butler county, passing through Clarion county. The water stratum is of white gravel, and is found at a depth of from 60 to 160 ft. The direction of the underground stream has been determined by drill ers who have struck these…

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