Issue 27 and Volume 44.

METERAGE At Cincinnati, Ohio, it has been decided to place all public institutions on a meter basis. An order has been placed with the Keystone Meter company, of East Pittsburg, Pa., for 100 meters at Perry, Ia. At Pittsburg, Pa., City Comptroler Morrow and consumers are notified of the quantity of water they are using; but they cannot pay quarterly. The board of water commissioners at Orange, Mass., has issued notices that all watertakers must have meters or the rates by faucet will be doubled. Kingsland, N. J„ township committee is making an inspection of some of the town’s buildings for information regarding the installation of meters. The flat rate system at St. Louis, Mo., is being rapidly replaced by the meter system, 536 having been installed during the last eight months, and more arc being placed every day. A city official of Monroe, Wis., says that every water consumer…

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