Comment of the Sidewalk Chief.

Issue 27 and Volume 44.

Comment of the Sidewalk Chief. Under the caption of “The Fire Engine and the Stop-Watch,” a Philadelphia paper has the following: “In walking about the streets of our cities, writes an anxious subscriber, “I often see ambulances and police patrol wagons propelled by motors. Indeed, in the larger cities, I rarely see horses drawing such vehicles. On the other hand, I hardly ever see a motor-driven lire engine. Why does the automobile make, relatively speaking, so little progress in the latter field?’ The reason is that the automobile may snort; but it cannot jump up and down; its plane of action is entirely horizontal, while that of the fire-engine horse is mostly perpendicular; in fine, it is not as yyt so constructed as to give a simulation of rapid motion. The advent, upon a thronged street, of the steaming fire engine and the thunderous hook-and-ladder truck is heralded by crashing…

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