The Conflagration-Hazard of Toledo.

Issue 1 and Volume 45.

The Conflagration-Hazard of Toledo. The National Board of Underwriters reports the conflagration-hazard at Toledo, Ohio, to be “moderate, as a whole, in the congestedvalue district, due to the automatic sprinklers in many of the large-area buildings and centres of high combustibility, the many small buildings, wide streets, absence of wire-obstructions and a fire department efficient, though slightly undermanned and lacking apparatus for fighting two simultaneous fires. Serious individual and group fires are possible, owing to the numerous structural weaknesses and a slightly deficient water supply. A single fire occurring in this district could hardly reach conflagration proportions. Exposures to the district on the southwest and northeast are offered by woodworking districts, and are severe, but the very considerable fire-hazard would be greatly reduceu by the addition of a tireboat to the firefighting facilities of the city. The conflagration-hazard in the residential districts is high, as construction is almost entirely frame…

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