Issue 1 and Volume 45.

THE LATEST CHELSEA FIRE The latest fire at Chelsea, Mass., with its loss of nearly $110,000 (insured for $75,000), in the unsprinklered lumber plant of the George D. Emery company, Broadway, is thus reported upon by the New England Bureau of United Inspection: “Fire occurred at the south end of mill, either on the second or attic floor near the bridge leading to the small powerhouse, located on trestle. The buildings were of open frame construction and contained valuable machinery. The attic used as a saw-filing room. Adjoining and communicating are the brick boiler and enginehouses, the former fairly cut off by brick wall and good, tin-covered fire door, but with an unprotected opening to engineroom. Fire spread with great rapidity, and in a few minutes the whole attic was enveloped. Fire was discovered and alarm given by night fireman. Two watchmen nights, days when not ~ running, one in…

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