The Earthquake in Italy.

Issue 1 and Volume 45.

The Earthquake in Italy. On Monday, December 28, the eastern portion of Sicily and the southern portion of Italy were laid waste by violent shocks of earthquake, landslides and a terrific tidal wave. Fire, which could not be extinguished because of the lack of apparatus and firemen, followed in the train of the earthquake and caused slow and agonising death to the many suffers, who were pinned down and held fast in the ruins of the massive stone buildings, many of them, such as the cathedral of Messina, founded by the Norman invaders in the eleventh century, erected hundreds of years ago in such substantial and massive shape as apparently to be able to stand till the crack of doom. In addition to the suffering springing from the other causes, pestilence and faminq have broken out, and there are inadequate provisions for burying the dead, feeding the hungry, ministering to…

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