Wisconsin Lumbermen and Forest Fires.

Issue 1 and Volume 45.

Wisconsin Lumbermen and Forest Fires. During last year Wisconsin suffered greater loss through forest fires, caused as a rule by the carelessness of the lumbermen. These are now determined to put an end to this condition of affairs, and the Wisconsin Lumbermen’s association has voluntarily deterimned to have legislation enacted on the subject. The association hopes the legislature will indorse its action, and that thus it will be possible at least to diminish the annual loss by great fires in that State. Two years ago these very lumbermen were deriding the notion of foresters burning the brush. The destructive fires that ravaged the forests in Wisconsin have objectively convinced them of their error. The proposed legislation as set forth by the legislation is likely to pass without any difficulty. It is as follows: “Section 1. Any person who shall cut, or cause to be cut, any logs, bolts, pulpwood, ties,…

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