Cheyenne Improves Its Plant.

Issue 1 and Volume 45.

Cheyenne Improves Its Plant. A Cheyenne, Wyo., dispatch says that an additional $900,000 will be expended to provide the city with a waterworks system amply sufficient for a city of 50,000 population according to the receipt of the agreement of the United States government to spend $400,000 on such a system, provided the city spends $500,000. As the electors of the municipality, at the recent general election, authorised the issuance of $500,000 worth of bonds to secure funds for waterworks improvements, the action of the government settles the matter, and the additional $900,000 will be spent on pipelines. reservoirs, etc. The expenditure of the $900,000 will make a total of $1,060,000 expended in enlarging the system, as $160,000 worth of improvements was authorised by the electors two years ago, and such improvements are now being made, and under the same appropriation the contract for the Crystal Lake dam, to cost…

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