Rubber Tires at the Automobile Show.

Issue 1 and Volume 45.

Rubber Tires at the Automobile Show. The display of tires at the automobile show in the Gnad Central Palace this week is unusually attractive and forms an important part of the exhibition. There are more than two dozen manufacturers represented and the class of goods shown embraces all that is new and up-to-date in this special line. Messrs. Morgan & Wright, of Detroit, show a new, heavy flat-tread tire, in addition to a number of their standard types. They also show their universal, quick-detachable rim and an improved electric tire. The Diamond Rubber company, of Akron, Ohio, has a fine display of Diamond quickdetachable tires, those of the mechanically fastened, or Fisk pattern. The display of the Marsh quick-acting rim, Diamond demountable-rim, solid tires for trucks and highwheeled automobiles complete a very large and interesting exhibit. The Firestone Tire and Rubber company, of Akron, Ohio, shows samples of its wellknown…

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