The Cement Industry in 1908.

Issue 3 and Volume 45.

The Cement Industry in 1908. The following statement regarding conditions in the American Portland cement industry during the year 1908 has been prepared by Edwin C. Eckel, for the United States Geological Survey; Although detailed figures are not yet obtainable, an estimate based on the information available indicates that the production of Portland cement in the United States was somewhat less than 40,000,000 bbls. This compares as follows with the output of recent years: 1905, 35,246,812 bbls.; 1906, 46,463,424; 1907, 48,785,390; 1908 (estimated), 40,000,000. The falling off from the 1907 output was heavy, and is particularly notable, because it is the first decrease shown in any year by the American cement industry since its inception. The decrease was not uniformly distributed throughout the country, for New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey will probably show the highest percentages of loss, while in some portions of the West and the Middle West…

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