Issue 3 and Volume 45.

WATER SUPPLY OF SALT LAKE CITY One of the principal features of Salt Lake City, Utah, is its municipal water supply, which has been installed at great cost; supplies water whose purity is unexcelled; and is furnished at a very low price—so low, in fact, as to be the reverse of a source of revenue to the municipality and to demand not only an increase in the rates, but, also, the installation of meters, wherever possible and in the case of all large consumers—the latter something that ought to be done in any case. Its sources of supply both for domestic purposes and irrigation are the following: Utah lake, and Emigration creek, ir irrigation only City creek a priilg. p~sihlv part of Eiiiigratioon creek, near the month f the caflon. which, t oget her with the tiow from a tunnel driven liy the cur mu the nlc of the cañon,…

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