A Well-Protected Ohio Town.

Issue 3 and Volume 45.

A Well-Protected Ohio Town. Canton, Ohio, is a city of 50,000 inhabitants, so well served by their fire department under the command of Chief Robert O. Mesnar, as to have been called upon to pay indirectly 24⅞ cents per-capita for damage done in the city by fire. The total amount of loss sustained during 1908 was only $12,423.38—with the exception of the loss in 1907—$9,350.44— the lowest in twelve years. During the year the department responded to 182 alarms—an increase of 32 over 1907, more than two-thirds of which were local or street alarms. Of these alarms 22 were false; 30, grass fires; 12, rubbish; 3, electric light poles, 1 receptacle for waste-paper, and 17 incendiary. The insurance at risk amounted to $1,492,580. Chief Mesnar knows of no other city in the country of Canton’s size with as small a fire loss during this period. He attributes this to the…

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