Issue 3 and Volume 45.

METERAGE At Covington, Ivy., 290 meters were installed during the year; 549 were renewed; 1,976 meter and stop-boxes were repaired. Charles H. Saunders, chief meter repairer of Columbus, Ohio, says that during the year 170,399 readings were made of meters and 2,919 were repaired. There were 20,669 meters in use in the city at the end of the last fiscal year, according to the report. At Columbia, S. C., the report of the waterworks commission, which is making efforts to place the waterworks system on a paying basis, contains the following regarding meters: “Minimum charge for ⅝-in. meter shall be $2 per quarter and that that after the present stock of H-in. meters are exhausted that the use of ¾-in. meters shall be discontinued, as the commissi, m considers ⅝-in. meters amply large for all practical purposes. Terre Haute, Ind., may appoint a meter inspector. This plan is in connection…

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